Custom Boat Docks in Sarasota

Do you have dreams of rebuilding your boat dock? I know a company that can make those dreams come true… Priority Marine builds custom boat docks in Sarasota that will suit your family’s lifestyle. They work closely with their customers to design a boat dock and sun dock that will fulfill your wants and needs.

Priority Marine specializes in customized construction that will allow you to hop in your boat and cruise right into the ocean. In Florida, the water ways are environmentally sensitive to change, it is imperative for a home owner to obtain the proper documentation from the city to build a boat dock. An application must be submitted and approved to build or extend the length of the dock. After the documentation is approved, Priority Marine can get started on your estimate for building your perfect dock.

If you want to purchase a new home that does not already have an existing dock, you must get an approved an application before the purchase of the home if you want to build a new dock. Custom boats lifts in Sarasota can also be built to increase accessibility to the water. Each lift will be installed to allow you to maximize the use of your watercraft. Each dock will fit the proper specifications that with meet the safety requirements of the county.

Seawalls are also very important to your property. A seawall can prevent your land form eroding away from the seawater. Priority Marine can also customize railings for the safety of the people walking down the dock. Each dock can be customized to fit all your expectations. It will allow you to take out your boat on the hot summer day.


For any of your boat dock needs call 727-447-1373.



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