St. Pete Boat Docks

Ever since I tore up my feet on barnacles climbing up the side of the sea wall outside my grandma’s house in Tampa after I jumped in to the water to cool off, I have been hesitant about jumping back into the Bay. Now I live in St. Petersburg and, thanks to my new boat dock constructed by Priority Marine based in Tampa Bay, I go swimming everyday. The barnacles are still there, but now because of my new dock, I can safely climb in and out of the water safely. I love the water, which is mostly why I’m living in St. Petersburg, but before my dock, I would only go swimming if I went to the beach.

My new boat dock in St. Petersburg has changed the way I live; it has really completed the aesthetic feel to my home as well as opened up a new range of possibilities for my friends and me. In St. Petersburg, a boat dock is the gateway to a wide range of aquatic activities. Between our two kayaks and small dinghy, my friends and I can go fishing out of the Bay whenever we choose, and then later come back to the dock and go for a swim when we get too hot. Besides a place to relax, my boat dock in St. Petersburg, provided by Priority Marine, has become a large source of daily entertainment and activity.

Priority Marine is an extremely professional and experienced dock construction company that has been catering to the St Petersburg and Tampa Bay area for several years now. In fact, several of my neighbors have also had their docks constructed by Priority Marine. I think this is mostly because the quality of the dock that Priority Marine constructs is unparalleled. Most of the other boat docks in St. Petersburg appear to be made out of low quality wood that rots and breaks apart, but with Priority Marine, you are guaranteed not only a functioning dock, but one that will become a source of entertainment that needs little maintenance and will last for years. My boat dock in St. Petersburg, with its carefully treated Ipe wood, tasteful lighting, and aesthetically pleasing design, stands out among the other docks on the waterway. Priority Marine even incorporates your vision for the dock in its construction.

Through Priority Marine, your St. Pete boat dock is guaranteed a few critical aspects of a high quality boat dock:

Longevity – Each dock constructed by Priority Marine is constructed out of the best materials so that you are protected against damaging weather and other elements of nature.

Functionality – Your dock is more than just a door to the water, it serves as a multifunctional entertainment center that allows you to fish, go boating, kayak, and other aquatic activities

Aesthetics – Other boat docks in St. Petersburg are constructed out of untreated wood of low quality that both looks bad and is unreliable. But with Priority Marine, between their professionalism and experience, plus their high grade materials, you are guaranteed a boat dock that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Priority Marine provides the best boat dock construction in St. Petersburg. For more information on the goods and services that Priority Marine can supply to you, contact them at 727-447-1373.



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