Clearwater Seawalls

In Clearwater seawalls are a common feature and for good reason.  A seawall has many purposes it can not only protect the integrity of your waterfront paradise, it also adds a great deal of value to your home investment. If a seawall is constructed using cheap or wrong materials or simply not done correctly it will become a long term and costly maintenance for years to come. Our teams of experienced professional’s know what they are up against and when you’re dealing with some of the harshest conditions in the country Clearwater seawalls have to be strong and everlasting. We use a patented CMI Shore guard sheet piling in constructing our bulkhead solution which has been tested and verified by the U.S. Army Corp of engineers. Our sea walls have been manufactured with the proper chemical makeup to withstand severe climates, corrosive pH levels and Ultra Violet Rays. Our Shore guard sea walls are low maintenance, long lasting, high performance and environmentally friendly. The secret to our sheet piling system is that it is completely interlocking and made from advanced plastics, alloy, and composites. Nothing else in the world can provide you with the reliability, durability and ultimate erosion protection. Make Priority Marine in Clearwater seawalls you’re choice for home and environment protection, you’ll be glad you did.


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