Tampa Deck Materials

Having a custom made dock is a luxury that few can afford so Priority Marine has quality deck materials in Tampa that will make your purchase well worth it. The type of wood that they offer is top notch. There is nothing that can substitute the real thing so Priority Marine makes sure that the wood they are using is not splintered or rotted. While wood takes some maintenance the appearance is gorgeous. Composite decking is another option to consider. This material doesn’t rot or splinter and the maintenance is extremely low. It is slip resistant so after it rains you don’t have to worry about falling. The third option is a PVC material. There is little to maintenance with this material and it gives a beautiful appearance. The unique thing about the PVC is that it looks and feels like wood. With this substance you will have the aesthetic appeal of a wood dock without all of the maintenance. It’s a great compromise!

Priority Marine’s deck materials in Tampa are high quality and just what you need to improve the appearance of your backyard. This custom made dock can be used for various occasions. Have friends over for a barbeque and have them enjoy their meal overlooking the water. Have a family brunch on your dock and they will feel like they’re eating on water. To get started on your custom deck call 727-447-1373.


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