Seawall Construction in Tampa

Coastlands have long been heavily populated because of their natural resources, commerce, and, above all, beauty. Florida, being a large peninsula, offers some of the best coastal property in the U.S. While coastal properties are beautiful, they are also under constant siege. The assault comes from the associated waters that make coastal property so attractive. The dynamic and unpredictable nature of water strips soil from the coast and damage structures in its way. Florida has some of the most unpredictably dynamic waters in the world. The merging of Atlantic currents and warm gulf waters create violent storms. Each year many hurricanes churn the waters along Florida’s coast. Priority Marine seawall construction in Tampa can ensure that your coastal property is protected from erosion.

Seawalls protect coastal property by containing soil and separating it from the punishing forces of water. Seawalls have been engineered to protect valuable coastland since the Roman Empire. Since their initial use to protect Caesarea Maritima along the Israeli coast, seawall technology has evolved to deal with much more than just the damaging waves of the oceans and seas. Along with physical forces, sea water poses a chemical danger to structures along the coast as well. Seawalls must be able to handle the corrosive nature of salt water. The careful blend of advanced plastics, alloys, and composites found in the CMI Shoreguard sheet piling used by Priority Marine for seawall construction in Tampa will handle both the physical and chemical forces present along Florida’s gulf coast.

Contact Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373 for seawall construction and repair in Tampa. With over 30 years of experience serving the Tampa bay area, Priority Marine will create a solution that fits your needs and budget.


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