Sarasota decking materials

Are you looking for Sarasota decking materials? Most people think that there are only two options when it comes to choosing a deck material, those options being wood and composite decking. There is in fact another option; it is a type of decking that is more suitable for your specific decking requirements in Sarasota. It is known as cellular PVC, a new type of material that is gaining popularity fast.

The breakdown of these main types of decking materials should provide some helpful tips when choosing one to use for the construction of your new deck.

Wood Decking requires some maintenance (susceptible to decay, mildew and insect damage) and is no substitution for the real thing; you can’t imitate the look and feel of wood. It does, however, have many variations to choose from.

Composite Decking is moderately low maintenance (composite decking new rots, warps or splinters), highly durable, flexible, and resistant, and has unique composition; it is made out of reclaimed wood and plastic which helps protect against UV damage and moisture (which is especially important with Florida weather!). It is also stylish and offers the widest range of finishes and styles.

Cellular PVC Decking requires minimum upkeep; it preserves its beauty with a very low amount of effort because it is stain resistant (both man-made and natural stains), scratch resistant, and has a lasting beauty.

Once you have decided which material if best suited to be your Sarasota decking material, give the professionals at Priority Marine a call for further assistance and installation! 727-447-1373


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