Composite Decking in Bradenton

If you are considering constructing a new boat dock, a composite deck in Bradenton is the way to go. Priority Marine is ready to fulfill all of your marine construction needs. Waterfront home owners know the beauty of living on the water well. If they own a boat they know vastness of life at sea. A dock is the best way to experience both in a synergized space. The comfort of the connection to land and the soothing sea breeze of the water is true bliss.

Of course you want a dock, so what is stopping you? If you are like most home owners it is hassle of trying to find a reliable company to do the job, the cost, and the invading building process. You know it would be great to relax on a dock built with composite decking in Bradenton. But who can you trust to do the job well and at an affordable cost?

Priority Marine is Bradenton’s most reliable waterfront property servicers. With the construction of a low maintenance and low cost boat dock made of composite deck in Bradenton little is left to be worried about. High durability, resistance, and a unique composition, it will never rot or give splinters. You do not even need to paint, stain or sand it. It is scratch resistant and can withstand the elements. One of the main features of this type of deck is that it is slip resistant, no safety concerns needed. It is made out of reclaimed wood and plastic, which when constructed as one, work and last together. The wood acts as a shield from UV harm and the plastic defends against insect and water damage. Not only will your deck be durable and safe, it will also be stylish with the many design options available.

Priority Marine will take the necessary steps to assure you are able to experience the bliss between sand and sea. Our composite docks are weather resistant in order to stand up to Florida’s weather conditions. Call today to set up an appointment to meet with a consultant for your composite deck in Bradenton, 727-447-1373.


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