Sarasota Dock Builders

Homeowners of waterfront homes in Florida consult with Sarasota dock builders when planning a new boat dock and pier. Here on the west coast of Florida, we enjoy the gorgeous bays, lakes, rivers, and Gulf of Mexico. Having a boat with which to explore these waterways, fish, ski, or just cruise around the bay of Sunday afternoon, is one of the primary reasons people want to live in Florida.

If you have a boat, you need a dock.  In the planning and design phase of your boat dock building enterprise, you want to ensure that your boat dock will be a functionally and structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing. Environmental factors must also be considered; an improperly constructed dock can result in unnecessary environmental degradation.

There are some basic boat dock designs used by Sarasota dock builders. The fixed-T is the probably the most common shape used in docks and piers. Other shapes and styles include the fisherman , patio styles, and port styles. Individual recreational or functional needs, and the configuration of the coastline or waterfront, and sea or waterway bottom, are all factors which should be taken into account when planning the construction of a basic or customized boat dock.

A crucial element of the boat dock is the pilings. The durability of some of the newer plastic compounds is open to question. Steel and concrete are vulnerable to corrosion. Pressure treated lumber remains the go-to material for pilings. It resists fungi, rot and marine borers. The technique employed in driving the pilings by Sarasota dock builders is subject to regulation, and must be done properly to ensure compliance with environmental best practices, as well as to ensure the soundness of the dock and pier itself.

Sarasota dock builders follow the regulations pertaining to the spacing of the pilings. Because reduced sunlight will cause a vegetation die-off, the submerged aquatic vegetation is affected by the spacing of the pilings, as well as by the spacing of the dock boards. Other regulations apply; in accommodating the land-end of a boat pier, there are regulations regarding the trimming of mangroves.

The estuarine environment prevalent along the Florida coastline is a delicate one. The effects from even a small residential dock can be minimized if these effects are understood and mitigated against in the design and construction phase.

Any Floridian considering building a boat dock on their waterfront, should consult with Sarasota dock builders. Call Priority Marine at 727 447 1373 for the expertise and experience you need to take you through the boat dock building process.


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