Custom Boat Decks in Sarasota

In Sarasota, as well as all of Florida, folks enjoy the beautiful bays, estuaries, and beaches. Folks want to get close to their glorious natural surroundings which are often enough right in their own backyards. Custom boat decks in Sarasota give folks a place from which to soak up the beauty of nature, entertain friends and family, launch their boats, or just plain chill.

The familiar fixed T, fisherman, or harbor shapes instantly spring to mind when we envision our new custom boat deck; the port patio, and sun patio shapes are popular because of their versatility. Floridians want to get the most out of their waterfront space. A custom boat deck in Sarasota can combine a boat dock with a recreational deck space for entertaining and relaxing.

What’s wanted in a custom boat deck is durability. Exposure to the elements can cause deterioration. The latest composite materials can ward off the effects of the sun, saltwater, mildew, and other corrosive agents. High quality, pressure treated wood, with a wax, water repellent additive is an option for decking. Using stainless screws and galvanized bolts also goes a long way to preserving custom boat decks in Sarasota.

There are many factors to consider when installing a custom boat deck in Sarasota. The type of boat, currents and tidal flow, wind and wave exposure, water level, stability of the shoreline, and environmental regulations are just some of these considerations. Aesthetic, recreational, and functional design factors are also important.

Priority Marine based in Clearwater Beach, Florida specializes in custom marine construction. Contact Priority Marine at 727 447 1373.


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