Seawall Repair in Tampa

Persistent water damage to a seawall can cause erosion, cracks, gaps and depressions.  Seawall repair in Tampa is unavoidable but the better engineered the wall is, the longer it will last. For construction or repair, Priority Marine is the one you can depend upon in Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, St Petersburg, Ft Myers and surrounding areas.

Seawalls can be constructed and repaired using a variety of materials including steel, concrete and sandbags.  They defend the coast and keep the sea away from land activities to prevent land erosion. Therefore, there are many types of walls: a vertical wall reflects waves. It is constructed in very exposed areas and is the oldest most easily designed type. Curved seawalls mirror the shape of a wave and are built to repel waves back to the ocean.  Mound seawalls are used in less demanding areas at the shoreline and composed of less durable porous material.

The type of shore you’re trying to protect determines the type of seawall you need to build. Priority Marine helps you with all the difficult decisions taking into consideration your personal preference for your home and your calculated budget.

For seawall repair in Tampa and all your Tampa Bay marine needs, call (727) 447-1373 for superior service at a great price.


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