Sarasota Dock Builders

If you own a boat, you know how important keeping up with maintenance of it is. Sarasota dock builders of Priority Marine strive to make sure that your job as a water craft owner is as simple as possible. As custom dock builders, Priority Marine specialize in high quality customer service and only offer products that are made to last. That is why they use products such as Trex and Southern Pine Lumber when building custom boat docks. Do not make the mistake of trusting just anyone to build you a device to dock your boat. Priority Marine has over 30 years of experience with dock building in Tampa, Clearwater, and St Pete and possesses the knowledge and skill required to build a dock that will withstand the harsh and unpredictable weather patterns of Florida.

Sarasota dock builders at Priority Marine know how important convenience and appearance are when it comes to taking care of your boat and its amenities. All of the products Priority Marine uses are low maintenance and easy to take care of. They also offer boat and dock accessories such as boat cleats, bumpers, lights, canopies, and more. For more information, call one of the experts at Priority Marine today (727) 447-1373.


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