Seawall Contractors in Tampa

If you are in need of a seawall contractor in Tampa, look no further than the services of Priority Marine. We are proud a proud member of the Florida Marine Contractors association and Genuine Trex Certified. We are the company that will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home to not only make it more valuable but also to help protect your home from violent storms, climates and crashing waves. Our clients are continually pleased with our quality craftsmanship. They are also pleased with our fair and affordable prices.

There are many different kinds of seawalls and our seawall contractors in Tampa will be able to suggest and offer advice to which wall you specifically should invest in. Each property is different which is why we offer a complimentary quote upon surveying your property. The type of wall will be dependent upon your land’s soil, the wave pressure, climate and location. No matter the type that is decided on you can rest assured that it will be of quality. We use CMI Shoreguard sheet pilings w3hich are tested and approved by the U.S. Army Corps. Our contractors are skilled and experienced and will offer seawalls that are low maintenance and long lasting.

If you are a resident of the Tampa, St Pete, Clearwater or Sarasota area and are in need of a marine contractor to build a strong seawall to protect your home from the earth’s sometimes violent and unpredictable hazards call Priority Marine today (727) 447-1373.


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